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About Andrew
Hi, I’m Andrew Kramer, the youngest son of Daniel and Nicole Kramer who have been married and in business together for over 25 years.
My brother Michael and I grew up helping our father at his lawnmower shop named Kramer’s Power Equipment. During my time there, I learned important life skills such as time managment, trustworthiness, and perseverance. I also created and designed their website kramerspowerequipment.com.
I spend my free time riding dirt bikes, snowboarding, and hanging out with my Fiance. When I was sixteen, I was shocked and I wasn't able to drive because I was diagnosed with cancer. As I was bored, receiving treatment in the hospital bed, I realized I could do something pretty amazing with my talents.
After I beat cancer and finished High School, I attended The Art Institute of York Pennsylvania. There I earned an Associates Degree in Digital Arts. I believe hard work and perseverance is worth way more than just a degree alone. After Graduating in December of 2010, I found a job at CBS 21 News in Harrisburg where I designed and maintained the on-air graphics. I communicated with the producers, directors, and reporters to create the news. In 2013, I left CBS 21 and took a job at Pioneer Pole Buildings, Inc. as the Marketing/Website Administrator. I handle all the advertising literature, promotion needs, and website.
This has always been my work ethic; if you're motivated by love and never quit, nothing will get in your way of succeeding.
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